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Summary Five shorts plays by Martyn Ford

Book: Five short plays.
Author: Martyn Ford.
In this book there are five stories, so there are five little summaries.

1.-The robbery
They are a group of friends and they had not any money, so they decided to rob a bank. They are silly. Harry, the boss, had a plan. They were going to rob a bank next to one library.
The day of the robbery, Sid and Ron ran into the library, but they thought they went into the bank. Ron asked the bookseller for the money, but he said there was not any money, he only lent books.
They took some books, but the bookseller convinced them, they must have a library card. Then, he made their cards. The bookseller asked their directions and their names and they said them. After that, they ran out with some books.
The bookseller knew that they were not going to return those books, but he had their names.

2.-The right thing to do
A man was lying in the street. Three different people stopped and looked, but nobody helped him. After that a woman saw him and ran to help him. She ordered the people that were looking to bring water and call an ambulance. The man said he needs pills. At that moment the woman looked for the pills in the man's jacket and she found the pills. When they gave him a pill the ambulance arrived, but the man is ok. One doctor recognized him, he was a famous chef.
The people who were ordered by the woman, were very happy because they thought they had saved the chef.

3.-Canada can wait
Chris was a boy with older friends. Chris was very imaginative. He wanted to travel alone to a lot of different countries. His friends said they were going to go with him, but it was a joke. Finally, all of the friends laughed, but Chris didn't understand and he carried on dreaming about his fantastic travels.

Groot went into a grocery store and bought a lot of salt. At first the other people could not understand why. Groot said that soon there was not going to be enough salt in the world. The other people wanted to buy salt in the store but the shopkeeper did not sell.
All the people of the village knew the problem with the salt and wanted to buy.
When the people met Groot on the street, they asked for the salt. And he sold the salt for a lot of money.
One day, a person asked Groot for the salt, and he did not want to sell it. Groot ran away, and a truck ran over Groot. The truck was bringing salt to the village. Groot had invented all and now he was rich.

5.-Slow food
Maggie worked in a fast-food restaurant. The customers were waiting for their food. They waited for a long time. One person asked Maggie how many cooks are there. The woman responded there are twelve, but this month only worked one, and he was not here. The people were very angry and they went out. Them Maggie said she was tired and she was going to sit in the sun. The customers went out very angry.

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