sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012

Naming ionic compounds

1.- Name the metal first using the name that appears on the periodic table

2.- Name the non-metal second. The ending of its name gets changed to –ide.

N – nitride
P – Phosphide
F – Fluorine
S – Sulphide
N – Nitride
O - Oxide


CaCl2 – Calcium Chloride
LiO – Litium Oxide
Mg3P2 – Magnesium Phosphide

  Given a formula in which the metal has more than one possible charges (view periodic table).
You must use a roman number in brackets after the metal's name. The roman number indicates the charge of the metal ion.

FeBr3 – Iron (III) Bromide
AuCl3 – Gold (III) Chloride
CuO – Copper (II) Oxide