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In order to have a strong economy, a country requires a high rate of employment.

Jobs classification

Jobs can be classified in:
-         Low paying job:
o       Skills that many people may have
o       Easy work conditions
-         Highest paying job:
o       Hard-to-find skills
o       Hard work conditions

What attracts people to job?

-         Salary and benefits.
-         A match of company requirements and a person’s skill aptitude.
-         Location of the business.
-         Opportunity to contribute to the organization or to the society.

Respond to a healthy economy

Businesses tend to employ more workers and create more jobs.
They produce more goods and services.

Respond to an unhealthy economy

Employment and job creation decrease.
Difficult to young people to get jobs


To be unemployment people have to be out of work and looking actively for work.

Impact of level of income in your community

Level of income = money you earn.
Factors that affect level of income:
-         Education
-         Skills
Conditions in the job market when you look for employment.
If your income supplies your needs and wants, then you will be able to support the businesses and charities in your community. These organization will create more products and services to improve the quality of life for your community.

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