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Label reading

Where to start?

-          At the top of the nutritional label is the serving size, which tells you the portion size that the nutritional label is based on.
-          Keep in mind that some packages have more than one serving size; therefore the nutritional label must be divided.

What am I looking for?

-          There will be a list of nutrients facts, names on the left and values on the right.
-          All nutrition labels show the total calories and the 13 core nutrients.
-          The total calories and nutrient values are based on the serving size of the label.
-          Some labels give a % daily value which is based on the recommended intake that you will receive from the daily size.
-          The % daily values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. This makes easier for consumers to compare products.

Terms to be aware of before buying

-          Free: contains a nutritionally insignificant amount.
o   Sodium free = less than 5 mg
-          Low: contains a very small amount.
o   Low fat = 3g or less
-          Reduced: contains at least 25% less of a specific nutrient when compared with a similar product.
o   Reduced in calories: 25% fewer calories than the product that is compared with.
-          Light: products are reduced in fat, or reduced in calories (when referring to a light taste, colour or texture; the manufacture must include explanatory text on the label.

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