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Role of managers

1. - Planning

-          Forecast the future from research.
-          Need to watch for trends and changes in the business environment.
-          Once managers understand the big picture, it sets the objectives of goals and creates a business plan.
-          Business plan: lists the goals, describe strategies to achieve the objectives, the resources and schedule for teaching the goals and who is responsible for each part.

-          It will list the goals as a whole and  for each area of the company.

2. – Organizing

-          Having the right structure and systems to implement the plan.
o   Structure: the arrangement of employees according to their positions and responsibilities.
o   Systems: procedures to get work done.
-          Financial resources: money and assets.
-          Productive resources: machinery and equipment for producing goods and services.

3. – Leading

-          Setting direction for others: giving assignments, clarifying roles, explaining routines, providing motivation and feedback.

4. – Controlling

-          It means ensuring that the company performance is going according to the plan and objectives are being met.

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