miércoles, 28 de noviembre de 2012


General information:
-          Your body needs small amounts of vitamins, but they play an important role in the way our body functions.
-          They do not provide energy or calories, they help the body utilize the energy provided by macronutrients (carbos, fats and proteins).
-          They are chemical that the body needs to build and maintain cells and to rebase energy from macronutrients.

There are two types:
-          Water-soluble vitamins: bodies cannot store water-soluble vitamins; therefore we need to eat foods that contain these vitamins.
o   Vitamin C, found in fruit and vegetables.
-          Fat-soluble vitamins: absorbed in the small intestine and then stored in the liver. The body needs much smaller amounts of these vitamins.
o   Vitamin D, found in milk and the sun’s rays.

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